David Arroyo

Writer and Instructor


2017    One Week Before His Death,” Winter, Stonecoast Review

2017    “You’re a Good Phone,” Winter, Stonecoast Review

2017    “I Can’t Break Up With a Mermaid,” Summer, Silver Blade

2016    “Captain Volta,” June, Poetry, Abyss & Apex

2015    “Eve’s Cheeseburger,” January, Stirring: A Literary Magazine

2014    “Obvious Truths,” Summer 2014, Poetry, Imitation & Illusion

2013    “The Urban Legend of The Video Nasty,” Poetry, Burning Word

2002    “The Fourth Horseman,” Spring, NonFiction, Burning Word

2001    “Mafia Voodoo,” Spring 2001, Poetry, The Dulcimer

1998    “Standing Under The Anchorage Evergreen,” Poetry, Stirring

1998    “The Marriage Chamber,” 1998, Poetry, Stirring

1999    “Valentino’s Moonlight,” Spring, Poetry, The Dulcimer

1999    “The Lunch Line,” Spring, Poetry, The Dulcimer

1998    “The Marriage Chamber,” Poetry, Stirring

1998    “ROFLMAO,” Spring, Nonfiction, The Dulcimer